Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have a Holly, Jolly, Chistmas!

I like Christmas.

I know it's a commercial marketing scheme for pushing stock at the end of the year at ridiculous prices that they would never have gone for at any other time of year and any real significance the season used to have was lost in the commercial haze long ago. I do.

It's just that I remember Christmas before I knew all that. When the gifts were just that. Gifts. And there was fun in giving and taking. There was a ridiculous amount of hype for Christmas in my life and I can never forget how being excited that Christmas was coming felt.

My all time favourite things about Christmas were the following in no particular order:

1. Gifts! Yay! Somebody loves me!
2. Peoples reactions when they saw the awesome and totally surprising gift that you got them.

3. Christmas Breakfast: A magical spread consisting of everybody's individual favourite breakfasts.

4. Having Christmas brekky in your pajamas and no one making a fuss about it.

5. Tinsel: It's sparkly

6. Christmas Lights: Also sparkly

7. Christmas Carols: We forget about them all year and then at the end of the year it's this bunch of season appropriate songs that we all knew! Best sung at the top of one's voice with pumping fists!

8. Corny Christmas Films: Guilty pleasure. They give me the warm fuzzies.
9. Everybody's good Christmas Mood!

10. Christmas Tree: No better place to put gifts under or perch a star or angel on top of. Plus they wear tinsel and Christmas lights.

11: Ginger Bread Everything: Tastes best on Christmas Day.

12. Santa Clause: I don't care if he doesn't exist. He's a nice man and I love him!

We wish everyone, those who celebrate Christmas, those who celebrate other holy days and those who just celebrate, the best of the season!!!



  1. Happy New Year! Just a note to let you know that Style Noir is officially back on (although not necessarily poppin'-- yet). Hope you've had a wicked holiday-- and an unforgettable year!

  2. I'm delighted to read this and I'm heading over there right now for a fix! Welcome back!