Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shooting in Ebutte Metta - ey - ey - ey...

Just to let you know!

It's gonna be pretty quiet on this blog for a while because for the next few weeks I'll be helping full time on the set of Relentless. I won't abandon you completely but posts are gonna be sparse. Most of the locations we go to have no electricity not to mention internet. But they're beautiful just the same (i.e. the above image) and it's gonna be a beautiful film.

Exciting factoid for the future: some of our shirts are gonna be featured in this movie!!!! So make sure you look out for it when it comes out! "Relentless," starring Gideon Okeke and the inimitable chanteuse Nneka, directed by our friend, Andy Amadi Okoroafor.

Have fun spotting the imekura originals! Cee and I plan to make a wine night of it!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two Green Girls Plus One

Cee was going through old photos and found this one!

It's the Imekura team circa 2004!

It was July 4th and we were at a rooftop barbecue in Brooklyn.

If I remember, it was a little brisk for July hence the sweaters and windbreaker!

I loved that sweater. I got it at old navy then lost it somewhere the next year.


Anyway, Me, Cee and Sally! Yay!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On Set with Andy

When we aren't working on our own creative endeavors, we are sometimes on the field, witnessing, supporting and collaborating with others on theirs. This gives us almost as much joy as working on our own projects because it gives us the perspective we need to see the bigger picture which is, of course, our combined contribution to the world and how it affects everything around us.

Recently, I was lucky enough to join Andy Amadi Okoroafor on the pre-poduction set for his debut feature film, "Relentless".

For those of you who haven't heard of this likable, global citizen yet, he is the editor in chief of Clam Magazine, one of the most astonishing, beautiful and eclectic publications to cover fashion, design and creativity. It is the brain child of he and his creative partner, the prolific photographer and director, Andrew Dosunmu.

Clam Magazine's focus is global and with offices in Paris, New York and Japan, and contributors everywhere in between, it really does cover the globe.
You can find issues at Jazz Hole and it's totally worth it so get it!

Andy is not a complete stranger to the film medium having worked as an art director in fashion and music videos for such clients as Jean Paul Gaultier and Les Nubians (Temperature Rising) for Virgin Music.

Andy's movie, "Relentless", from what I could see, is shaping up to be a beautiful, visually driven existential story about angst, isolation and loss set against the crazy, driven city/shantyscape of our dear Lagos metropolis.

From what I could glean it's a film that will share some of the beautiful brutality of movies like City of God and Salaam Bombay as well as the inarticulate melancholy of a Wong Kar Wai feature.

Production is backed by Paris based Charivari Films and Clam Films.

Some pretty famous faces showed up for the first cast reading which is what I attended. I'm not sure I'm allowed to mention all their names so I'll just leave that till another time. What I can say, though, is that there was a good energy in the air. The cast read through the entire script which was easy as the dialogue was very lean. We stopped only for a brekky of large chunks of fruit!

I was really happy because I got to handle a camera and cover the entire event and Andy said he might use it on the DVD. I don't know if he really will (blushes) but that would be soooooooooooooooooooo cool.

Anyway, I plan to stay very close to his set so expect random updates on the making of what I believe will be a remarkable addition to the Nigerian film making archives.

Here is a feature in Variety Magazine that mentions the film.

Viva La Ere!

E and Mee

Our sister and muse just went back to school! 

We had a great time with her. It's always nice when she's around, always talking and buzzing and teasing our Mom. Honestly I don't know anyone that has as much energy or that can talk as fast as Ere!!!

She's contributing a lot to our latest collection in ways that will become very evident soon. In fact, we recently shot something that featured her in it and that's all I can say for now as this is classified stuff.

But here is a sneak peek!

We are seriously aiming to release in March. We just have to get our money right (ahem, ahem to the people involved in this!) and to fix the buying function on the website (ahem, ahem, ahem to the other people involved). Think I need a glass of water.

Anyway, image clubbers, you know our aim this year is to go to the nextest level!!! Here's hoping to see you there!

Loves Ya!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Moments From the 2009 CountDown Party that Never was...

Models: Imekura model Ere (in Pink), Cee (in Black) and Bee (in Green)
Location: In Chalet and in car outside Thai Restaurant

Thats how we brought in the new year! We didn't realise that this countdown party started after the new year had already come in. Still don't quite get that. But regardless, we welcomed 2009 fabulously from the interior of my car whilst everyone else in the country was apparently in church!

Hopefully, God didn't do roll call.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Moments from the end of '08

Cee working...

Smile for my christmas pres camera, Cee!

Lagos, Winter '08

Mee and Cee, poolside!

Cee, always on the look out for inspiration

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Space Odyssey 2009

Happy New Year Image Clubbers!

The year has just begun but things are already beginning to happen. Creatively speaking that is to say. Doesn't it feel like a year for creating?

Cee and I are all pumped for no reason! We're trying to channel it into the new line so if you guys see anything weird when we finally release it, just blame it on the random new year mojo.

Our new year's resolution is to explore new ground and bring back something new to add to the global stylosphere.

I'm happy to say that we are back on track with our theme and direction despite our having to temporarily bury one super, awesome, excellent design. I really wish I could be less cryptic and tell you everything but then that would ruin the surprise!!!

What does 2009 feel like for you guys? Any resolutions?