Monday, May 25, 2009

The Teaser is Here!

Relentless is still due out at the end of the year but they managed to bang out a Teaser on time for Cannes!

Rumour has it that it has gotten a lot of positive response and is even generating some excitement! It will definitely be doing the festival rounds when it is done.

If I am able to upload this it will be a miracle but I must try cos I'm so excited about it. I think it is a sign of the coming of the aesthetic that will come from our side of the world and our side of the mind (the so called third world).

Check out Gideon Okeke, Nneka (the chanteuse), Jimmy Jean Louis (The Haitian), some faces you know and some intriguing new comers.

And check out our shirts which show up in it! Hehe!

loves ya!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sharing is caring

When searching for inspiration you come across sometimes the weirdest things or the most amazing finds. In this case we drooled when we found the Noisettes, their music is definitely on our playlist('scratch your name') as we design our new line. Shingai Shoniwa (who is half Zimbabwean btw) is our new heroine and we see her rocking the new IMEKURA! enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Made in Africa

We were very impressed when we came across Yodit Euckland. She studied environmental economics at the University of California, Berkley, she's multicultural(Ethiopian, French, American & Sweedish), but most importantly she is earnestly supporting Africa's economy. 

Yodit and her brother Yohannes started Bantu, an exclusive African surf brand, churning out swimmwear, surf gear, decals and the works with an African twist. They designed the swim wear in Ivory Coast, using the vibrant West African print (Ankara) while promoting Africa's textile industry and then all the cutting and sewing was done in Ethiopia (watch out China!), this makes Bantu a truly African brand. So major cool points go to the duo that bring us Bantu.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I spy....

If only we were invited to the wedding that these were dished out... Definitely on our wave length!!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Whoo Wee!


That was a longer pause than I expected!
I apologize, everyone but I plead the following: Nepa, busted computer and no internet. Three fatal enemies to effective blogging.

But yay!!!! We're so back and it feels Ay-mayzin to be here again!
Hope you have a minute because I've got some information backed up that I have to share so first off:

1. Sally Races Up the Place!

A long overdue congrats for Imekura team member, Sally Hermanto for successfully participating in the fund raising run, Race Up the Place! She ran up 30 flights of stairs to help the American Lung Association and lived to tell about it! So, as we say in Nigeria, several Gbosas for her!

Sally sent us this message about her experience which is just too sweet not to be quoted:

> > I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for the generous
> contribution you made in support of my recent fundraising
> run, Race Up the Place. Together you helped me raise $447

> that all went directly to the American Lung Association!!!

> > The winner finished with a time of 3:37. Yours truly got to
> the top in a little over 9 min. In the words of a fellow
> runner, "I may be able to run a whole marathon, but

> running up 30 flights of stairs might just kill me."
> Luckily, everyone survived including the fleet of

> participating firemen who ran up with 60lbs of gear each.
> Truly a humbling experience.
> Attached is a photo. Sorry there aren't more action
> shots. I wasn't looking so hot toward the end so I

> figured, I'll just include a photo of the firemen. They

> always look hot.

> Thanks again! I couldn't have done it without you.
> > Sally

And the accompanying image:

Lolz. Yay!!!!!! Good one Sal!

2. BIG news about the Tees.

Our release date which had originally been scheduled for early this year (I believe March-ish? :-)) has been shifted to way later this year in december. Sorry everyone for the delay! We promise that we are not succumbing to the economic crisis or the even more insidious swine flu!

We just found that this timing was more in keeping with our options as far as getting shirts between Nigeria and the States.
We're still very excited about what we're working on and we know that those who have always been on the same page as us will feel it was worth the wait! So please continue being the darling understanding image clubbers you've always been to us!

3. Being in a Movie

As most of you know from earlier posts, one of the things that has kept me singularly busy over the past few months was working on the set of the movie Relentless. I will have to dedicate a special post to describing what a life altering experience that was but for now I will just say that the movie wrapped successfully in March and is in post production in Barcelona till its release date in September.

Meanwhile, a teaser of the film is to be unveiled in Cannes either this month or next. I hope to be able to unveil it here too at an appropriate time!

Relentless is a beautiful art film shot all over Lagos about a man who just can't seem to escape his past. It stars rising star and golden boy Gideon Okeke as well as critically acclaimed chanteuse Nneka Egbuna and Jimmy Jean Louis, more popularly known to 'Heroes' fans as 'The Haitian.

Its a must see for Imekura fans because our tees are featured in it!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty happy about that!

4. Conclusion.
This post is turning into a thesis so I'll wrap it up for now! More to come later! Sorry for leaving for so long!

All our love,