Monday, May 25, 2009

The Teaser is Here!

Relentless is still due out at the end of the year but they managed to bang out a Teaser on time for Cannes!

Rumour has it that it has gotten a lot of positive response and is even generating some excitement! It will definitely be doing the festival rounds when it is done.

If I am able to upload this it will be a miracle but I must try cos I'm so excited about it. I think it is a sign of the coming of the aesthetic that will come from our side of the world and our side of the mind (the so called third world).

Check out Gideon Okeke, Nneka (the chanteuse), Jimmy Jean Louis (The Haitian), some faces you know and some intriguing new comers.

And check out our shirts which show up in it! Hehe!

loves ya!

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