Monday, December 15, 2008

Creative Difficulties.


No creative process is without its hiccups I suppose.

I have to say, though, right now I feel kind of like Jack Black. You know how Tenacious D sang that song about having met the devil at a cross roads and then singing the most awesome rock song in the history of the world but then forgetting it after so that the song they were singing was actually really just a tribute to that song?

Well we have this design. I don't think it's the most awesome design in the history of the world. But I Loved it. And Cee loved it too. The only problem was it is a controversial design. In fact, according to our loved ones, it's something that could get us hurt.

We argued and harangued and even pouted a lot but nothing could convince our loved ones otherwise. We don't want to compromise the design so it looks like we're not going to be coming out with it. Not yet anyhow.

We're not trashing it though. Even if we have to make just one copy only to be bought by someone we truly trust and only on the condition that they frame it and display it in a hidden gallery in their Fortress of Solitude in Antartica, we will someday print that design.

Meanwhile, maybe like Tenacious D, we should just do a Tribute?


  1. Hello! You're following my blog, kyotophoto; thanks!

    I'm writing, though, because there's some synergy here; I, too, am a West African (half of me, anyway). Also, I I've adored the haiku since first I was introduced to it as a schoolgirl.

    I'm really so glad you found me.

    I should stop over and have coffee with you on my way to Liberia in March ;-)

    Keep in touch!

  2. Wow! I really hope you do!

    I love what you're doing on both kyotophoto and style noir and I hope you continue!

    Thanks for visiting!