Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Scrap Book" - The video

"Scrap book" the video was our second love note and it was created to introduce our second collection "Nepa."

I think in a way, Nepa was just a continuation of Nostalgia because why else would we have suddenly become obsessed with Nigeria's former national power company and its legacy of broken promises?

The "Nepa" collection was created in Miami but some of its earliest versions first appeared in NY. Because of this, "Scrap Book" the video features both locations (onlike the vintage one which shows just Miami. Right next to our apartment swimming pool to be precise!). Another cool thing about this video is you can glimpse the extra limited prototypes of what was later to become the "Lagos" Collection!
The song was a remix of Bonny M's "Sunny" which we were absolutely crazy about because who didn't dance to Bonny M's "Brown Girl in the Ring" when they were a kid (that is a kid that grew up in Lagos in the 80s)? Unfortunately, we don't know who's remix it is so any information on that would be mucho appreciated.

In case it got lost in the mail; here's "Scrap Book" again for your viewing pleasure!

PS. We still listen to Bonny M!

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