Friday, November 28, 2008


Some of you may have noticed by now that we love haiku.

In its simplest and most pop culture form, a haiku is a form of verse that anyone can use to express a moment or a thought (purists may disagree ;-). It's something that came out of Japan and now belongs to the world. That's one of the things we love about it.

We also like how zen it is. In haiku you can articulate the nebulous by condensing it into three concrete lines. We have always found haiku to be an effective way of expressing what we are and what we do and we write a lot of them.

We have two signature haiku that we feel truly define us. The first appears in many of the things we do. It's a haiku that puns on our names:

To bee is to cee
The sun rise through our eyes in
expressions so green

The second though not used as much actually expresses our relationship with the art form:

We are the haiku.
Five. Seven. Five. Symmetry.
Meanings lost and found.

As you can see, the only rules we follow is that of the 5-7-5 break down of 17 syllables into three lines. This makes our haiku very loosely related to the stricter definition of this genre. It's probably more closely related to the form of verse called Zappai (a genre that has the same rules of structure and like haiku evolved out of Haikai).

That's about as technical as we like to go with it. You should know, however, that the haiku is a very old form of poetry with layers of characteristics that can allow it to be as deep and as complex as its writer wants it to be.

All in all, haiku is a very satisfying mode of expression and we recommend it to everyone as an art form that can bring you a little bit of balance (even if it's temporary) in a sometimes hectic world.


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