Friday, November 14, 2008

love notes.

From the beginning, it was about love. That's why we sent you the notes. Remember the notes? Little bitty videos that expressed us to you in pictures and sounds?

After the first time, it became a sort of tradition and this is how it all began:

After we designed, we found a canvas we were happy with (the tees) then we found a printer we could work with (Chris) and then we waited. Then the Tees came.
We were so excited that on the very day that they arrived, without even pausing to iron them, we took them out to the patio and took a whole bunch of photos by the pool. Then later that night we joined the photos together and placed them against the backdrop of the song we were listening to everyday at the time ("Summer Eulogy" by Jupiter One).

That was the note.

By the next day, we'd sent it out to all of you!
Do you remember now? That was for the 'Nostalgia' collection and at first it had no name. Today we call it "the vintage one." Check it out again:

See what we mean about love?

Oh - and see what we mean about Jupiter One?

All our love forever,