Saturday, January 30, 2010

What went into 3WB (Part 1)

Many things happened on the way to the 3wb collection. Maybe that's why it took so long to come out? Lol! Sorry about that! We're already working hard on our next dream so hopefully there won't be such a long gap this time.

The inspiration behind the concept of 3rd world beautiful was varied. Cee had been doing a bit of traveling about the African Continent and I'd been doing a lot of my usual pop culture browsing but particularly in non-western culture.

When we regrouped we found we were both tripped by what we saw as new and contemporary things coming out of non-western traditions and areas usually designated as "Developing". Things springing up from the young people which while built upon the old were completely separate from them and their own thing.

These things showed up in music, art, fashion, in slang, in the way we wrote, in the way we saw an
d described ourselves. There are new Africas, Asias and Middle Easts coming into being right now in our language, on our computer screens and even on our handhelds.

We thought that was the coolest thing in the world so it kind of made us want to be one of those things!

3WB is a sort of happy ode to that as well as a way of striking a new note in design and tshirt fashion. I'll leave it at that as I am over defining it as it is!

Look out for Part II of this post - Pictures of the Collection!


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