Friday, June 06, 2008

Two Green Girls Dreaming…

Welcome to the Imekura blog! We’re glad you stopped by!

Many of you have been sending us questions, some of you telepathically (how do you do that?), about the Imekura T-Shirts. Questions like, are they still in production? What’s up with the website? How long till the next collection?

We really can’t thank you enough for your caring and your support so instead of trying to do so, we will tell you a story.

A long time ago, somewhere in the Western Hemisphere, two girls of a greenish disposition were dreaming dreams. Though the girls were green, their dreams were many coloured and the colours were many hued. Sometimes, it was hard for them to keep it all in their heads and the dreams would spill over and splatter their clothes.

That’s how the idea first came to them to do the shirts. They set to work almost immediately, following several constitutional naps. They took pieces from every day-dream and night dream they had ever had, in every place they had ever lived and every mood they had ever felt. Some of them weren’t complete and some were only half remembered but it didn’t matter because they really liked them.

They called them Imekura because while they waited for the ink to dry, they made up haikus. That made them think of borrowing things and changing meanings. So they did that too.

When they were done, they made a love video about it and sent it to you! The rest as they say is history.

Since that time the two green girls have moved across an ocean and during the swim, some things got a little shook up.

We now dream and create from Lagos. The website is still damp in places but is actually being worked on by a cool little company called Yellow Dog where at least one green girl now works.

It takes a little longer now because we both got jobs. Now, there’s less time for naps, dreams and haikus but we always somehow find a way!

So in summary, we are still in business, you will soon be able to comfortably shop from our website and we are brimming over with inspiration for a brand new collection.

We hope you plan to hang in there, because the story keeps going and all our friends and fans who support us have become an important part of it.

So thanks for all the love. We love you guys the mostest!


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